“Joy is life, seen through a ray of sunshine!” was the motto for this afternoon. It also became a beautiful parish feast, to which the Caritas Conference and the Parish Council invite all parishioners over 70 years together with their partners each year.
126 ladies and gentlemen had registered to participate.
Pastor Johannes Lukaszyk, vicar in St. Kilian from 1991 to 1994, celebrated the service under the assistance of deacon Adrian Koczy. The music community Raphael designed the hl. Mass with the music, Hanna Kahren was at the organ.
In the parish center, the guests were awaiting a festive coffee table. They were greeted with a happy song in which all guests immediately joined in.
It was time to meet again and tell each other, with Pastor Lukaszczyk and Deacon Koczy. The singing together was not too short.
Pastor Lukaszczyk told the guests about his future career after his transfer from St. Kilian.
After serving in the African community in Bielefeld, our new Vicar Dr. Victor Ankoa also in the round. He first sang an African welcome song and accompanied it on the drum. His stories from his trip to the priesthood in Nigeria and his studies in Münster to his appointment as vicar in our pastoral network was very interesting for everyone.
With great pleasure the youth music group Kehrvers was welcomed. He got a lot of applause for his contributions.
A short story “Five Rules to Happiness” and a song together completed the afternoon.