Fasting Soup



We are pleased that we were able to experience today’s Eucharistic celebration in the community of believers from Bad Salzuflen.

In the name of our entire Congregation of the Maids of Mary, we thank you for all the material and spiritual support, for every prayer and for what you have given to our Missionary Sisters and to those they have looked after.

Your generosity and your prayer bring concrete fruit in Cameroon.

Missionary sisters work there from Poland, but there are already occupations among the local population. We have more and more African sisters from Cameroon.

Our sisters also work in other countries except in Africa: in Poland, in Germany, in Belarus, in the Ukraine, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also in Italy, France and Canada.

This difference in nationality is also visible among us who have come to you: Sister M.Radoslawa has arrived from Paris, Sister M.Daniela is from Ukraine, and we came from Lesnica near Opole in Upper Silesia, where we spend our novitiate. Our names are: Sister Dorota, Sister Eva, Sister Natalia and Sister Klaudia.

The novitiate is the time when we prepare to take the vows. Our everyday life consists of teaching on the theme of religious life and church life, as well as in work and, above all, in prayer, which helps us to be more and more connected to Jesus, to whom we want to surrender what we have most precious – our whole life and ours Youth to serve God and people as well as possible.

All this should prepare us for the future apostolate.

That’s why, on the occasion of our stay with you, we would like to ask you to pray for us so that we can live our vocation in the right way and become good and holy sisters.

For our part, we too will include you in our prayers so that the good God will strengthen you on the path to sanctity in the vocation that each and every one of you has recognized for yourself.