Can you believe in the Bible? Living according to the Bible?

Can you believe in the Bible? Living according to the Bible?

Despite being the modern world, people around the world still believe in the Bible. For example, Americans surveyed some time ago This Gallup survey showed that 80 per cent of people believe that the Bible is God’s Word. No matter how many people believe in such a thing in your area, they believe that the teaching of the Bible is the responsibility of the church. But often the church does not play this responsibility. Let’s take the example of punishment of punishment after death. What is the place of education in the entire Bible, or about hell? Many scholars (scholars) of Christendom will have the answer today, no. The New Catholic Encyclopaedia says: “After the thorough examination, the fact is that the education given by Catholics is based not on Scripture but on tradition.” About Hell, A Dictionary of Christian Theology tells is: “In the New Testament, there is nothing about the first-century Christians who show that they have ever preached about hell.”

And then the Doctrine Commission of the Church of England some time ago said that hell’s education should not be taught. Dr. Tom Wright, Dean of the Lichfield Church (Pastor Chair) writes that the teaching of hell “has shown God a lot of cruelty, so many people are scared in the mind.” The commission reports that hell “does not exist “Similarly, the New Catholic Encyclopaedia says of the Catholic idea:” People are troubled by the fact that they are separated from God, this is called theologically hell nowadays.”

Historians say that this education has something in the human body, which is different from the body, and it is immortal, this education is not from the Bible but from the Greek philosophy. The New Catholic Encyclopaedia states that in ancient times [the servants of God] who were Hebrews, never thought that there is another thing in the human body that is invisible. This encyclopaedia further explains that some time ago Catholic scholars “have begun to believe that there is no Greek teaching of an immortal soul in the New Testament.” He concludes his point, saying: “That’s why we do not go to Philosophy Should look towards the resurrection.”

The first-century Christians were identified by living, true love and affection in accordance with the Bible. But today, people “disguise them with devotion, but do not believe in its power.” Whether there is any church in Christendom, if it is not the same as the true Christians of the first century People cannot have the power to change life That is why we can understand why there is so much violence in Christendom today, why immorality and mischief are spreading, why families are breaking down and why people are behind wealth and wealth. In some “Christian” countries there are wars between different castes, while they all consider themselves to be Christian.

Does the reputation of being like the first century of the first century has ended? Are there people who really believe in the Bible and live according to it? Canadian Encyclopaedia says: “Jehovah’s Witnesses do exactly what Jesus and his disciples of the first and second centuries did.” The New Catholic Encyclopaedia says of Jehovah’s Witnesses: “They believe in their beliefs and the basis of the movement is to obey the Bible only.”

Of course, Jehovah’s Witnesses throughout the world are known for their spiritual prosperity, peace, and prosperity. Therefore, we encourage all our readers to learn the spiritual benefits taught in the Bible. Increasing your trust will help you to grow more on the Bible as well as increase your confidence in God. The hard work you put forth to increase your trust will always have benefits for you.

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