How to Easily Make a Christmas Crib?

Christmas Crib

How to Easily Make a Christmas Crib?

Christmas season is coming up, and it is the season of giving and joy.  To brighten up our hearts and spirit, we decorate our houses with many decorative items. Christmas will not be complete if a home does not have a Christmas tree and a crib. The crib portrays how Jesus Christ was born in a stable. A lot of ideas come to our mind when we start to think about creating and designing a crib. It must be beautiful and lit with lights so that it brightens up the hearts of people who see the cradle. You must also keep in mind the various expenses you may get during the holiday season, so with the budget in mind you need to make a perfect crib which will be loved by everyone.

Christmas Crib

The following are the materials required to make your crib:

Artificial Grass: The birth of Christ happened in a stable and to depict the exact scene you need grass to fill the crib. You can also use natural grass or hay, but since you will have the cradle for an entire month, it is advisable to get artificial grass.

Toy Figures: The toy figures are one of the most significant parts of the stable. These toy figures are available in many stores and electronic commerce sites. Beautiful figures of Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus, the flocks in the manger and the three kings are required to make your crib complete.

Lollipop sticks or thermocol sheets: You will need a plenty of lollipop sticks to make the shed of the stable. You can also use thermocol sheets or cardboards to design the roof.

Glue Gun: Glue guns make your work easy and tidier. Glue is needed to stick all the lollipop sticks and the thermocol sheets together.

Paint, brushes, and Markers: If you are using thermocol sheets then you better paint the sheets with brown to make it look like the roof of a shed.

Procedure to make the Crib:

Step 1: First of all you need to arrange all the lollipop sticks in a row and stick them together. Depending on the size you want, you can add the sticks. If you are using thermocol sheets, you need to paint it in such a way that it looks like a shed. You can also stick hay on the sheet so that it looks like a proper stable roof.

Step 2: Prepare the base for the shed and with the help of some sticks attach the roof with the bottom of the crib.

Step 3: Once the outer part of the crib is ready; you need to place the artificial grass on the base.

Step 4: After the artificial grass is placed on the base of the shed you need to arrange the toy figures on it and make sure that you make it as creative as possible.

Step 5: Your crib is almost ready and to give it a finishing touch, add some lights to brighten up the Christmas spirits.


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