Spiritual guidance for better future.

Spiritual guidance for better future.

If we survey popular literature, TV and movies nowadays we find so many stories about peoples who get success in many field told us spirituality helps him a lot to succeed in their field. Spirituality helps us realize there are more to life purely physicaL reality and materialistic pursuits but the negative side is that it’s often the blind leading the blind. Many
sincere spiritual seekers get led astray through false and sometimes harmful information.

If we discuss our personal issues /problems share with others they can’t feel the real problem which we are facing but in some ways they can give us some advice/solutions by which we can overcome our issues which we are facings and by that advices we can make our own way for that problems. It is merely meant to provide guideposts along the path and to help you develop your own guidance.

If you are actively pursuing a spiritual path and a life of service and compassion, and have worked on purifying your personality, then you may receive clearer guidance from your own soul or even higher levels, than from someone else. It’s important to not depend on someone else’s guidance or become passive and surrender your will. These are your most precious gifts: your intelli­gence and your ability to make choices. The same is true as to your own guidance. It’s not healthy to take an attitude of “just following orders” when guidance tells you to do something you don’t agree with. It’s wiser to take full res­ponsibility for your life and challenge the guidance, especially if you suspect it may be coming from an astral spirit rather than directly from your soul. If you don’t engage your own will and responsibility, the spirit might end up possessing you and ruining your life. You will find a lot of information on the subject on jannikeermedial.com

For getting a successful lifestyle you can do some type of meditation yoga, yoga nidra or some kind of exercises which makes you feel relax and make your mind healthy to be spiritual and be on right path of spirituality.

In western countries they have many physical as well as mental problems which they can’t resolve were as in india there are many spiritual or holy gurus. With the help of them indians those are facing those types of problems these gurus can help with those types of problems by instructing them for any meditations yogas and mantras.

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